Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ettiquette Dinner!

We were priviledged to get the opportunity to have a professional Ettiquette Instructor come and teach us a few manners aroud the dinner table at Joshua!

People were pretty excited because Ettiquette Dinner is the only time in Joshua that we will get to have a date all year long! I was just excited to get dressed up and get to eat a 5 course meal :)

The staff went all out decorating the dining hall for us so once we stepped through the doors it was like entering another land! There were pink rose petals all over floor and hanging plants and candles, it was amazing!

We learned how to walk into a dinner party with a date and to eat REALLY slowly taking one bite at a time and placing our fork down each time to chew and taking small enough bites so that you can carry on a conversation at the same time.
Thanks for teaching me the basics Grams & Gramps!

All in all it was a very fun night!
To the right is a pic of me and my date Kevin

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